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Meet The Staff

The Key To Success is to Follow God's Guidance

Krissy Franklin


Krissy is the founder of T.A.G. Her passion for helping clients began in 2012 when she started working with the youths at her home church. Soon, her mother Karen Smith, realized that mentoring and consulting others was a gift that she needed to pursue as a career. Now she has a wide range of clients that she helps and mentors within her growing company. Mrs. Franklin is also a published author, play writer, and a certified Life Coach and NLP Practitioner around the Memphis area. In her spare time, she spends time with her four grandchildren, writing, painting, and bonding with family.

Jeff Franklin


Jeff is the COO, minister, and the husband of Krissy Franklin. He began his spiritual journey 22 years ago and continue to grow and mentor individuals around the Memphis area. He is responsible for managing the the operations of the company. He promotes the company culture and vision and oversees operations to keep the business on track. Reporting directly to the CEO and Board of Directors. He enjoys family time, football, the gym, and grilling on Saturdays. 

Kasey S.

Executive Director

Kasey is the Executive Director of T.A.G. who is  responsible for strategic planning and managing the daily operations of the organization while staying within budget. She is over the fundraising efforts and responsible for promoting the organization to boost membership, and raising public awareness. She is the mother of a beautiful daughter and wife. She loves the community and enjoys time with her family and friends. 

Alecia A.

Executive Administrator

Lisa A. makes sure the corporate policies and procedures are adhered to. She discusses any policy changes with senior personnel, oversee the implementation of new policies, review current policies, and maintain documentation outlining all procedures, employee duties, company objectives, and more. She is a mother of three and has two grandchildren. Lisa likes to travel and become familiar with other cultures.

Angela T.


 Angela T. is responsible for managing the finance and accounting divisions by ensuring that the company’s financial reports are accurate and complete. She also keeps  track of cash flow and financial planning as well as analyzing the company's financial strengths and weaknesses by proposing corrective actions. 

Angela is happily married with three children and three step children that she loves dearly. In her spare time, she enjoys long walks in the park, singing, and spending time with her family.

Van P.


Van acts as administrator of clubs or institutions who oversees the work of coaches and related staff involved in athletic programs. Van is responsible for organizing and coaching all sport activities and events that are held for the youths at Transformation Alliance Group Inc. 

Van loves to travel with his wife to different countries, attend sporting events, and play pool with his fellow coworkers and friends. 

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