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"We use water to cleanse ourselves. We use water to hydrate ourselves. We use water to make things grow. So why do we cry & stress ourselves when God bring storms in our lives? Isn't He doing the same thing by cleansing us, hydrating us, and growing us with His love? So next time you're in the mist of a STORM, start thanking God because He is getting ready to watch 


- K. Franklin

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Relationship Transformation

This is a class for couples only. This class focuses on building a stronger relationship as a couple. We allow you to sit down as a couple to discuss rebuilding a powerful and strong relationship. We will provide you projects to do and goals to reach to support you in gaining an honest loving relationship. 

Heel It

Women of all ages come together in a class session with their best pair of High Heel shoes to dance, exercise, and have a little "Me Time" with their fellow sisters to learn a few new moves and just have fun! The purpose of this class is to help spice up your marriage or relationship to get things a little Hotter! Laugh, talk, and share your advice with others while enjoying a few new dance moves to rekindle your relationship with your significant other.

(Price includes 4 sessions at your facility)

Marriage Counseling

Sit down with Mr. & Mrs. Franklin to get counseling and motivation to keep your marriage on the right track. Discuss issues and concerns you may have with your marriage with "The Franklin's" to rebuild and rekindle your marriage. The session are free can be booked as a group or individual couples. 


Individual or group sessions. Must complete 4 to 6 sessions. Visit our services page to see all available classes for more information. 

Life & Leadership Coaching

The purpose of this class is dedicated to empowering individuals to seek fulfillment in their lives, relationships, and the family, inside and outside .

This class holds 6 sessions for completion.

Multiple Sessions

We offer multiple classes and sessions for free when you sign up for a membership. Please visit our website to see all available classes. Each free session is 60 to 90 minutes long. Most classes have 2 to 4 sessions required for completion.

What our members are saying

Transformation Alliance Group Inc. was there for me when everyone turned their backs on me. They helped me get a job and pointed me in the right direction to put my life back in order when I gave up on myself. I recommend this company to all those who are in a tough point in their lives!

Gregory T.

Service Prices

Compare our service packages and find the best fit for you. 

There is a one time $50 registration fee for memberships. 

(See if you qualify for a free membership)

Sign Up For a Membership and enjoy all the programs! 



Membership fee

$10 a month 

Pay for a ​membership and enjoy ALL the programs and sessions we have to offer.

("Heel It" is not included in the membership fee)

1 hr session

Sign Up With A Membership and enjoy all the programs and sessions for 3 months!. Must Complete 4 Sessions a month for 2 months with the option to continue after the last session.  

 Zoom sessions are available.

Look at our services to see which session is right for you. This membership covers a variety of classes and all of the free sessions. 

Mentoring Program


This membership covers the entire family

2 hour sessions

Must complete 2 sessions a month for 6 months

Group Zoom sessions are available

This membership covers a variety of classes and programs for you and your family. 

Relationship & Family Sessions 


Marriage/Relationship Sessions

1 hour session for relationships

2 Hour sessions for families

Must book appointments a week in advance.

The relationship  program has to have both parties available at each session.

The Family sessions must have the family members present at all sessions.  

Zoom sessions are available.

We provide great activities you can do together to help build a stronger relationship with each other.

Service Prices

Compare our service packages and find the best fit for you.

"Heel It"


4 sessions

(Must be 21 and older to book this classes.)

Four 2 hour sessions. Clients can break the sessions up as they please. 

Your facility with a limit of 10 friends

Please bring comfortable heels that you love! 

(T.A.G. is not responsible for any injuries due to the wrong heel height. This is a physical activity class, please be prepared to move around and enjoy being with your friends.)

You will be asked to sign a waiver before each session.

Life & Leadership Coaching


 Group events for a group of 10+ attendees

This area is for group sessions or booking for motivational speaking for events.

30 to 60 minute availability

Please book 14 days in advance.

The purpose of this program is dedicated to empowering individuals to seek fulfillment in their lives, relationships, or family. This event will be great for events, churches. community center activities and more.

(Donations are accepted)

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