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Da Chop Up!

"Da Chop Up"

Join us every Saturday for a live streaming with Min. Jeff Franklin as he brings knowledge and prayer with "Da Chop Up" Go to "Jeff Franklin" Facebook page or watch it live on Transformation Alliance Group Inc page on Facebook. 

Hope to see you there!


Classes and Workshops we offer:

            "How Did You Get Here"

A group session of 10 people or less once a week for six weeks.            

               "Let's Walk It Out"

We meet at Shelby Farms or Overton Park for an hour walking session

                       "Heel It"

Women ages 21 and up come together with their high heel shoes to dance and workout the stresses of life and have "Me Time" with other women for fun exercises and bond with new friends all at the same time.

Visit or service page for more info!

Fast Result

Mentoring and Life Coach classes with Mrs. Krissy Franklin

Book you appointment today! 

We offer a variety of consultation meetings, (Phone, In person, & Zoom). 

Visit our appointment page for more info.

(NOTE: All sessions are strictly confidential)

Community Plays & Skits

Do you have an event in your community coming up and you don't know what to do? 

Mrs. Krissy will assist your congregation or community organization with amazing plays and skits that she writes herself that will leave the audience wanting more. Let us know the event that you would like to have and we can guarantee a phenomenal performance that will leave your guest's feeling empowered and uplifted!

(NOTE: All plays and skits are spiritual and centered around God.)

The Road to Transformation!

T. A. G. works with the community in many ways. Our goal is to guide you into transformation. Life doesn't have to be overbearing, with our help, we will show you your way through the storm. We are the ears that listens, friend to lean on, and the one who doesn't judge you. 

We offer after hour sessions by appointment only.  Life doesn't stop at 5 p.m., so why should we? If you would like to connect with us, please email us and we can schedule your free phone or one on one consultation.

(All emails and phone messages will be answered daily 7 days a week.)


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